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SEO Guide – Why is Google Webmaster Tools important

To perform efficient maintenance and be aware of your site’s indexing status, Webmasters will need access to data about your website’s rankings and overall performance. Google Webmaster Tools is a strong and reliable service which can help any website with their SEO and website success. Widely used by webmasters, web developers and SEO specialists, it makes site data readily available for SEO tracking.

What Is Google Webmaster Tools?

Designed to open up and create good communication between yourself and Google, Webmaster Tools makes it easier to understand what Google needs in order for your website to rank highly in searches and generate large amounts of traffic. This free service for webmasters and web developers provides them with specific tools and methods to improve their rankings and, a better understanding of their website’s current status.

In Google’s view, your site may have problems or errors which are resulting in poor rankings in the SERPs. Google Webmaster Tools shows you where these problems are, enabling you to fix them for better results.

Why Is Google Webmaster Tools So Important?

Google Webmaster Tools helps with generating a successful SEO strategy which will help to improve the overall success of your campaign. Helping to generate relevant and consistent traffic, the information provided in Webmaster Tools can help you identify specific areas that Google has highlighted; including:

Search queries – how consumers find your website should be of great interest to a webmaster, and anything which shows you which keywords you should be using to generate more traffic is undeniably useful. These queries are presented with a clear listing of the ranks for average keywords, which is easy to understand and thus easy to implement changes.

Keywords – keywords which are found on your site can be compared against what potential customers are typing into Google. This is essential information to ensure that you are getting the most out of your SEO on your site.

Crawl errors – server errors, broken links, 404 errors, denied access and missing pages can all stop visitors using your site correctly. Through Webmaster Tools, Google will acknowledge any errors it has found whilst crawling your site.

Sitemaps – this shows how many errors and warnings have occurred on your site, as well as all the URLs submitted and indexed, creating a summary of all sitemaps on your site.

All of these can be used by search marketing specialists to improve the experience users have of your site and create more traffic.

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Www Vs No Www – An Seo Perspective

There is a lot of chitter-chatter about whether or not to include the “www” portion of web addresses. Since sub-domains are becoming increasingly popular and recognizable, the use of the www in domain names has come under a little bit of scrutiny over the past year or so.

There are people that passionately believe that the www is a waste. Why use a www subdomain when you don’t have to? After hearing a lot of differing opinions, we decided to take a look at why you would (or wouldn’t) use the subdomain www in your urls.

Since we are an SEO company, we looked first at what Google says about it. Matt Cutts described it best when he demonstrated that every instance of a domain is treated differently. In the example, he cited http://www.example.com, http://example.com, http://www.example.com/index.php, etc. are all treated as separate “pages” and attract links and PageRank individually. Most people tend to link to the www version of an address because it has been that way for so long. Taking this into consideration, you might argue that you want to keep the www in the domain. Matt Cutts addressed this as well, and noted that if you decide to choose not to use the www, then you should do a 301 redirect from the www version (http://www.example.com) of your domain to the root domain (http://example.com) in order to get credit for links and PageRank that go to the www domain.

Since you can control which version shows up, and which version accumulates links and PageRank, then logically, you can choose which one to use. Be careful to set up your 301 redirects (permanent redirects) and to set the preferred domain in your Google Webmaster Tools though. As long as you pick one and stay with it, everything will work correctly.

Our official stance – we decided this year to keep the www in our domain, and the domains we build. We set up the appropriate measures in Webmaster Tools and with our 301s to cover our bases. This makes it a little less confusing when we build multiple subdomains such as http://mail.example.com, http://blog.example.com, or http://calendar.example.com. There is a lot of flexibility around this issue, as long as you make sure to funnel traffic, links, and PageRank to the domain instance that you are using. I would advise against going from one version to the other since the www version of your site and the non-www version will be treated as completely different. And, considering most links do have the www in them, we think it is worthwhile to use the instance of our domain people will be most familiar with.

If you are building a new domain or are thinking about redeveloping your existing one, be sure to think about the impact that a major change will have on your domains authority and rank with the search engines. It takes a lot of effort and link building to get results, so be sure to take the right steps and ensure that your domain’s value is protected.

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