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Flex web Development Company emerging for Rich Internet Application (RIA) development

What is Flex? What are the benefits of Flex technology? Why web development companies has adopted Flex application and what are the services offered by Flex web Development Company? At the end of reading this article, you will get answers for all questions above.

Flex is an open source framework related application. It is free application of Adobe and the newer version of flash. Flex is used to develop highly interactive and expressive web applications for all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. While developing web application using Flex, Flex developer uses a powerful object oriented programming language to create client logic.

To run RIAs created using Flex, your computer browser must have Adobe flash player software installed and to run RIAs on the desktop, Adobe AIR, the cross operating system runtime is needed. With the assistance of AIR, Applications developed using Flex can access local data and system resources on desktop. Flash player and Adobe AIR are available for free download on Adobe.com.
Because of the number of benefits offered by Flex, there has been a sudden growth in web application development industry. Below listed are few major advantages of Flex technology:
– Free open source framework that give RIAs cross platform and cross browser compatibility

-Allows easy and flexible modification in the website design and RIA development.

-Allow Flex developers to create and reuse Flex component and Modules. Which also assist Flex web Development company to store object or code for future use.

-It doesnt required “refresh” feature which has empowered Flex developers and Flex web Development Company with greater client satisfaction.

– It also offer many advantages to Flex Developers to create expressive and elegant RIAs. Flex technology indue web developers to develop rich front ends for any technologys back end.

-Create controls which includes text based, list controls, common UI elements, menu controls, and others. The MXML tag creates these control applications, which then work within containers or data services to create applications.

-Uses layout based platform which thus no need to write out algorithm for placing objects vertically and horizontally.

-Offers navigational data services use of MXML language has made the coding simpler for any Flex web developer. This reduces Flex development and maintenance cost of the web application and help Flex web Development Company to get more clients.
Competition in IT market is increasing day by day thus for any software or web development company, it is mandatory to keep an eye on every innovation and update coming in the industry they are engaged in. Flex technology has been very popular among the web developers now a days. Flex web Development company has emerged in IT market to offer RIAs on Flex platform.
Flex Developers are developing eye catching applications and have been very quick in providing excellent services to client with new feature every time. Best practices used by Flex developer working with Flex Development Company are mostly related to compressing code and keeping it clean and available for future reference. Flex Development web company uses a simpler model with 3 words: Model, view and controller. The facility and simplicity of use these two feature has made use of controller obvious for all Flex Developers in Flex web Development Company. The plenty of advantages that we have just seen has made the flex technology first choice of wed developers.
Services offered by any Flex Web Development Company:

-Flex Application development
-Business Analysis and consulting
-Server-side programming with the usage of ColdFusion, PHP, Java or .NET technologies
-Flex, Flash Action Script Interfaces.
-Development of RIAs
-Flexs platform Integration with a third party software.

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