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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that means optimizing your website for ranking your website at the top of Search Engine. However, when you create a website or get it created by someone then it’s the part of SEO, which gets your website to top pages of Search Engine based on particular words or phrases, which are known as keywords. You have to write content, using those keywords and base on those keywords as well, but how many times that keyword should appear in the content; it depends on client’s choice or the person who is writing that content. This is known as keyword density.

As algorithm of Search Engine gets changes after some interval of times, and how many times a keyword is being use in the article, depends on that algorithm. The corporations, which offer these types of search engine marketing services, known as SEO companies. Those SEO companies do various types of SEO like onpage seo, offpage seo, video marketing, social media marketing and slide share marketing.ng.

Search engine marketing services also depends on the type of user’s website or project. If, it is a website, which just provides information to their readers, then the strategy for that project would be different as compared to an Ecommerce website. And If client have a social networking website or content like YouTube or Metcafe videos or pictures projects like Photobucket or Flickr, then strategy would be different. However, the base for all these types of website would be same i.e. promoting these in the search engine’s result for some particular keywords.

Search Engine marketing services promotes a website or project to the local as well as international users. For local optimization, it is known as local SEO services and for international, it is known as seo services. Optimizing a website for local seo services, we have to get the website at top of the local search engine’s result and for international, we have to optimize the content for the entire search engine’s result, all over the world. You might be familiar with it, that a search engine is different for your country and for other countries like in India Google is used as www.google.in and for Australia www.google.com.au is used. If a content is especially optimized for a particular search engine like for Yahoo, then it is named as Yahoo SEO services and for Bing it is named as Bing SEO services. However these two comes after the most popular and most used search engine named Google.

Seo services mostly cover all search engines’ strategies, but these three Google, Yahoo and Bing are mostly common among users. But the final decision depends on the client’s demand, if a client does not want to optimize the content for bing or yahoo then we should not promote your content or website on those search engine.

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