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Phpbb Seo- Phpbb Features For Minimizing Spam

For administrators of PHPBB SEO & Webmaster Forum, it is very important to keep a check on the spammers in your site. Spammers target websites that are having a growing popularity in the net arena. They post spam messages which can be harmful enough to drown the SEO forum.

Procedure for combating spam in PHPBB SEO
Features and tools along with their installation procedure that can secure the SEO from spam contamination through PHPBB are as follows

The administration panel has a configuration option having 2 keys that should be enabled.
I) Account Activation should be enabled- Here there are 3 choices:
Off As soon as registration of member is complete, they can post in the forum.
User Members are required to confirm their registration by clicking on the link that is sent to them through an email after the registration. Only after confirmation, they can post.
Admin Only an administrator can authorize the registration of the member for allowing them to post.
User activated registration is best preferred for anti-spam purposes.
II) Visual Confirmation should be enabled- If Enable Visual Confirmation (option in the configuration panel) is turned on, then net savvy on registration needs to type a verification code that is displayed on registration boards in a simple image
III) The ultimate anti-spam feature is the facility that ban wildcard emails. It allows the administrator for banning an email address of a particular website or the website domain as a whole.

The Ban function is available beneath USER ADMIN. The domain names can be banned by entering its address using these commands:
*@*.ru (Bans domains having an extension .ru)
*@spambob.net (Bans domains from website called spambob.net)
These standard features related to PHPBB allow you to limit a major proportion of spammers from a PHPBB supported website.

After-market Strategies
However, you need to implement certain modification related to after-market strategy and each of them has their own unique feature.
I) URLs can be posted by active members only- Such features allow the administrator to label particular members, who have been connected to the forum and posting in it for a length of time, for posting URLs. It is an effective technique of reducing spam messages to almost non-existence. Spam bots that are generated automatically are not permitted in the website. However, the con of this feature is that new members, who have a genuine necessity to post URLs, might get upset.
II) Humaizer It is a simple feature that asks during registration to visitors that are they human or not? It is also an effective technique to block automated bots.
3) Admin Toolkit It does not prevent spammers to enter the website. However, if the website is already spammed, it is fairly useful. It has an excellent feature of deleting users in a mass that is very fast in compared to the standard function for deleting.
These features can be utilized by PHPBB SEO forums for reducing spam to acceptable quantities.
However, it is necessary to have an excellent group of moderators, who are ready to remove spam post that gets through this net of anti spam, for your site.

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