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Biggest SEO Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Every day at work while doing search engine optimization, we make many little mistakes which can be easily rectified or otherwise go unnoticed. But what about those mistakes that could jeopardize an entire campaign and drag your company’s name in the mud? Here are the four biggest threats to your SEO strategy that could hurt your overall operations:

Mistake #1: Taking Up an Unmanageable Project As a rule, do your fair bit of research and understanding before taking up a project. Many a time, clients are unsure about any process and do not have any proper plan or strategy in place. All they want is -success- and, heck, sometimes even the first place in Google search for multiple keywords. You should make sure that your clients are sure about what they want from you and make sure you take up the project only if you are sure you can deliver it.

Mistake #2: Giving Unreal Expectations When taking up an SEO campaign, two things are extremely necessary. First, don’t boast of more than you can achieve. Second, always make sure that the client has a REAL idea of what search engine optimization is all about. It is a long, steady process that requires a lot of perseverance and it almost never shows immediate results. Make sure that the client is aware of realistic factors that determine ranking, like keyword competition. Do not promise more traffic than is feasible or practical. There could be multiple reasons of failed expectations, like not preparing a good timeline or not adhering to one, too much competition or lack of sufficient client investment. Make sure your clients know all about it.

Mistake #3: Getting Too Desperate Now this one is completely under your control. Once you take up a project of monumental stature, you are expected to go all in for it. But in that yearning, NEVER over optimize. Over optimizing is not only a waste of precious time and resources but also can possibly have negative or reverse effects in what you do.

Mistake #4: Not Keeping the Client in the Loop No marketing campaign can be successful without sufficient participation from both ends. A client cannot simply dump the whole campaign on the SEO company and then forget all about it. Make sure that you involve the client and the entire team that could benefit the campaign. This also includes the developers at the other end who built the website. This should be followed in every phase of the optimization process, from keyword research to social media campaigning. There should also be thorough communication between the two parties.

Mistake #5: Not Moving On When You Should Admit it; some clients just cannot be satisfied. No use breaking your head over them and wasting all your resources to please that one single client who never will be pleased anyway. Make it easy on both and just part ways politely. If it serves as wakeup call for the client and he/she starts being more sensible regarding the whole project, good for you. Otherwise, you’re much better off. Move on to something better without any further ado.

If you do not make any of these five major mistakes, chances are that your campaign will be a success. So next time you’re on a project, make sure you’ve struck out these 5 pointers from your list of actions.

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